Tuning a piano is not always as simple as turning the pins.

A piano's temperament can suffer in a variety of ways, that could mean achieving British Standard
or Concert Pitch (A440), is either not possible or more than one tuning would be necessary.

Infrequent tuning or pianos situated in an unsuitable environment, often too dry, can also affect temperament and performance. In these situations, advice is given before work commences.

Occasionally a piano cannot be tuned. Our approach is to find a solution and work with the
customer to achieve a suitable outcome.

We are always willing to offer assistance and welcome telephone calls.





Previous Cients....

• Assembly Rooms Bath
• Guildhall Bath
• Guildhall Southampton
• Bath Mid-Somerset Festival, Corsham   Festival
• The Theatre Royal Bat
• The Theatre Royal Southsea
• Glastonbury Festival
• Real World Studio
• Various Schools within Bath and Somerset
• Rook Lane Arts Frome
• The Regents Centre Poole, Jackdaws Frome
• English National Ballet
• VariousTelevision Studios
• Winchester Castle for Her Majesty the   Queen



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